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Possibilities are everywhere as long as you know what to look for and where to look for them!


As a young child, Jessica could sense that possibilities were everywhere despite the challenges she experienced. The significant loss of a parent in early childhood led to struggles with mental health resulting in her search to find strategies that would work with her highly sensitive and intuitive soul.


As a Mindful, Intuitive Life Coach, Jessica helps her clients Re-Lease, Re-align and Re-discover themselves on a soul level.


Jessica's mission is to support clients on their journey using her intuition and coaching strategies to create the "perfect" life plan!

Her work includes:

  • Identifying and releasing blocks

  • Finding purpose and passion

  • Aligning the soul to life purpose

Combining mindfulness, crystals, cards and coaching strategies, Jessica taps in to her client's psyche and helps release that which is impeding the individual from achieving all that life has to offer!

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